Why LED?

Why would i chose LED over traditional lighting methods? Well there are a range of advantages from choosing LED as aposed to using tradition lighting solutions. The largest is the cost saving. Using LED lighting in your house is a great money saving tool. LED Lighting is 95% energy efficient, compared to halogen or indancestant lighting which is only 5% efficient. In most cases you will have your initial outlay in buying the alternative LED lights back in less than a year. This of course is dependant on how often you have the lights on. So LED lighting is more of an investment than an expence, a guarintee'd return investment that anyone can make.

There are also further saving to be made in the maintence of lighting. LED last much longer than any other type of lighting, whether this be halogen, xenon, fluoresent, or indancestant. LED cost much less to maintain as there are often less parts to go wrong and what is there lasts much longer and goes wrong a lot less often. Below is a case stud from some lighting we supplied Rolls Royce and how they befeit from it.

We were approached by Rolls Royce for a LED alternative to their current lighting systems they had in their CNC machines. These were nearly new CNC machines located in their new £200million factory in Washington UK. They were experiencing problems with their current lighting system, constantly having lamps and ballasts fail.

The lamps and ballasts were mounted in IP68 tubes to stop coolant damaging them, however this was making the ballasts over heat and fail. Due to the LED alternative not requiring ballast, and not generating very much heat, LED was clearly the way forward. The energy saving advantages was also huge as these lamps are on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

They have 36 of these CNC machines, each fitted with 4 36w lamps. This means that in a day 124.42Kw/h are used. The LED equivalent are only 15w, meaning only 51.84Kw/h used in a day. So over a year there was a saving of 26491.7Kw/h, which if you base a unit rate of 10p per unit then they now save £2649.17 a year just on energy. There is also the addition maintenance saving, which is the reason they opted for LED in the first place.

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